2022 TACC-PAC Board of Trustees

Seth Stephens, Floydada
April Graves, El Campo
Greg O’Brian, Friona
Tony Morton, Lubbock

PURPOSE: To allow members the opportunity to participate in:

  • THE ELECTORAL PROCESS by collectively helping to fund the increasingly expensive campaigns of those individuals with favorable policies toward agriculture and cooperatives, without regard to party affiliation;
  • EDUCATIONAL FORUMS that acquaint the agribusiness community with legislative and regulatory process and those individuals that are key decision-makers.

HISTORY: TACC board member and former U.S. Congressman Charles Stenholm of Stamford has long been recognized as the “Father of TACC-PAC” since its concept originated with his initial intent to run for national office in 1978. However, the PAC became much more visible beginning in the mid-1980s when PAC fundraising luncheons and breakfasts were established at the Joint Cooperative Meeting.

MEMBERSHIP: A member can be a director, employee or patron of a Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council member-cooperative who contributes to TACC-PAC. The purchase of a $25 ticket to attend a TACC-PAC meal function at the Joint Cooperative Meeting does not constitute membership into TACC-PAC. Checks should be made payable to “TACC-PAC”.

FISCAL YEAR: A person may contribute to TACC-PAC as often as they wish, however, the operating year is January 1 – December 31.

GOVERNING BODY: TACC-PAC is governed by a five-member board of trustees consisting of the immediate past-president, president, vice-president, secretary, and chairman of the Legislative and Governmental Affairs Committee of TACC. The TACC executive vice-president serves as the administrator and campaign treasurer of TACC-PAC.

WHO CANNOT CONTRIBUTE: Corporate checks from TACC member-cooperatives cannot be accepted by state law. However, personal contributions are welcome.


  • $ 100 or more per year – Capitol Solo Member
  • $ 1 – $99 per year – Contributing Member


  • Annually, in mid-March, host a TACC-PAC breakfast with notable political speakers.
  • TACC directors are solicited at the two major board meetings annually.
  • In 1992, a major effort was initiated to achieve 100% TACC-PAC membership from directors of local and regional cooperative boards. To qualify, all directors of a local and regional co-op board and the CEO must become a $25 or more TACC-PAC member.
  • In 2002, TACC-PAC took its next giant leap forward to secure $1,000 annually from each cooperative. Each director and the general manager wiould be required to contribute a minimum of $100 each. It is called the “Charlie Award”, named after U.S. Congressman Charlie Stenholm.
  • In 2005, a TACC-PAC Silent Auction was initiated during the Joint Cooperative Meeting.  Co-ops can legally donate items for the auction and in some cases, give upwards of $500 in corporate dollars for Council staff to purchase items on their behalf.
  • In 2008, a new category was established recognizing those people that contributed $100 or more to TACC-PAC individually during the year, but were not associated with one of the other two PAC categories.  It is called the “Capitol Solos” contributor category.

SCOPE OF CONTRIBUTIONS: TACC-PAC is chartered as a state political action committee, therefore, funds can only be made to candidates running for state legislative offices. Contributions to assist candidates for U.S. Congress cannot be made.


  • Contact TACC to solicit ideas on how to recruit dollars into your campaign.
  • Print our membership form that may be accessed from the link listed below. Send the completed form and all monies (cash and personal checks only) and contributor names and addresses to:

Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council
Political Action Committee (TACC-PAC)
1210 San Antonio Street, Suite 101
Austin, Texas 78701
Contact Us at: (512) 450-0555

For a cooperative wide TACC-PAC contribution, be sure and check information about our
100% CLUB
TACC-PAC Membership Form (pdf file)
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