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Strategic Planning

TACC has been helping cooperatives, trade associations and agricultural businesses develop long-range, focused strategic plans over the past decade. A TACC Strategic Planning Session consists of a two day intensive look at organizational goals and objectives. These sessions help co-op, trade association and agricultural business boards develop meaningful and realistic goals that translate into productive businesses with a plan for the future.

Once meaningingful goals have been developed, the TACC Strategic Planning Session sets out to help board members and management map plans to reach focused goals. An organizational blue-print is developed that helps to lay a firm foundation for future growth and expansion. Objectives and goals are not obtained by accident. Successful business owners will tell you that a well documented strategic plan is essential to economic prosperity and growth.

TACC staff have helped others in nine states to develop meanful strategic plans. In all, the organziation has facilitated nearly 100 plans for agricultural business in Texas and other states.

In addition, TACC staff frequently assist co-ops and their director teams with on-on-one projects like specialized training, facilitating merger discussions and help with co-op annual meetings. If your cooperative, trade association or agricultural related business is in need of this type of assistance, then you have come to the right place. Contact TACC today to discuss ways we can help you develop an aggressive plan for the future.